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How much does a spa cost?

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How much does a jacuzzi cost?

Do you want to buy a jacuzzi? the first question that comes to your mind is : How much does a jacuzzi cost? that is a very important question besides other more important elements such as " service after sales" that you should bear in mind when you want to buy a spa.

The price of a jacuzzi depends on what are you looking for in a hottub. We can talk about a variety of price points. If you are looking for the most affordable spas: You are looking at prices between 6000€ to 9000€

You are looking for a jacuzzi on a budget; then it is probably from 4000€ tot 5999€. ( any spa below this price range must be a chinese and it will come costly after( in terms of consumptions and parts used)

If you are looking for a jacuzzi with the most innovative technology and the ulimate hydrotherapy , you are looking at prices starting from 10000€

If you are looking for affordable jacuzzi yet it must have some of the innovative technology, you can get a jacuzzi starting from 8495€

However, you should not be fixated on the price perse. There are other things that are more important than the price. One of them is the service after sales. While people keep focusing on a spa's price whether it is cheap or expensive, they tend to overlook the long term responsibilities that come along with buying a jacuzzi.

Knowing from whom you are buying is of utmost importance. While people are overwhelmed by an excellent sales pitch, they tend to forget about the service after sales. You have to bear in mind that if you have some technical issues with your jacuzzi, the salesman from whom you bought your spa, he won't help you as he lucks the skills.

However, buying a jacuzzi from somebody who knows every inch of the jacuzzi and how to repair it or solve any possible technical problem you might encounter with your jaccuzzi might be the right choice.

A common mistake made by many people is their failure to raise the right question which is does this person or shop's owner offer a good service after sales and what is his background? does he know how fix a spa when it is broken or solve any technical issues related to the spa? or is he just a charmingly glib salesman who can just blow your mind with his excellent sales pitch but when you are facing a problem with your jacuzi he won't bother to help as his job ends by selling the product to you.

Now, be smart and make the right choice


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How much does a spa cost?

How much does a spa cost?