Inflatable spa vs Jacuzzi/ hottub? View larger

Inflatable spa vs Jacuzzi/ hottub?

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If you’re thinking about buying an inflatablespa or intex spa , or are just curious because they seem like fun. Then you may have some questions such as what is the difference between inflatable intex spa and regular jacuzzi? What is the good
and the bad parts of Intex Spa?

What is inflatable spas? what is intex spa?

Inflatable spas are also known as portable spas, inflatable hot tub can set-up nearly anywhere, which is a huge part of it’s appeal, and it’s cheap which makes it a perfect entry level spa – to get your feet wet, so to speak.

What is avantage of inflatable spas?
1.Entirely portable, comes in a box n. You can place it anywhere in your house
3. Easy to install
2.Quick set-up. The spa has an air blower of course, and this is used to quickly inflate the chambers. After inflation, drop a hose in the tub and it fills in under an hour. Plug into any grounded outlet. Put on the cover and turn up the heater.

What is the disadvantage of inflatable spas?
1.Not as deep as you might imagine. Only 22-24″ maximum water depth for most models.
2. Not as large as the picture seems. Look at these happy campers in this “4-person” inflatable hot tub – where are their legs? I suppose it’s fine for the young and beautiful, to commingle legs with their young and beautiful friends, but for me – I prefer personal leg space.
3.MUST be installed on a level surface, at ground level. Not suitable for balconies, rooftops or elevated floors.
4.Slow to heat. The heater used in inflatable spa is small, and although the spa has low volume of , it can take awhile to heat up.

5. Inefficient filtration. If you do put 4 persons into a 800 liter hot tub, let’s see – that’s 200 liter per person, which will overwhelm the undersized spa filters. In other words, the water can not be filterted properly . This may cause the formations of german fast, even if everyone showers first.
6.Not safe for children. At only 70 cm tall, a toddler may be able to climb into an open hot tub and possibly drown.
7. Not energy efficient. You’ll find out fast that it’s costly to keep this type of spa hot, and nearly impossible in very cold outdoor temps. In fact, in temperatures of below 10°, a 1kw heater may not get past lukewarm.

8. Disposable. Unfortunately, many inflatable hot tubs will be neglected, abused and set out to the curb for the trash after a few years of service

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Inflatable spa vs Jacuzzi/ hottub?

Inflatable spa vs Jacuzzi/ hottub?