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How to clean Your spa filter

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how to clean your Spa Filter:

Hot tub filters, no matter how often you clean them, must be replaced every year for optimum performance. Your jacuzzi filter is essential for the proper functioning of your hot tub power source. You will want to replace your filter when it shows signs of wear or damage. Even if there is a shortage of water pressure. A dirty or overused filter can endanger other parts of the system. This costs a lot more to repair or replace a hot tub filter.

 Rinse your spa filters with clean water every week. This will help prevent the dirt from accumulating and the chemicals can be eaten away with your filter material. By doing this, you let your jacuzzi filters work more efficiently and last longer.

Simple method to clean your filter:

Remove the filters from your spa / bubble bath and give them a quick rinse with water. You can rinse them with a garden hose or in a sink.

Ensure that each crease is spread apart and flushed between the creases to remove dirt, hair or other debris. After you have finished rinsing, let the filter dry before you use it in your jacuzzi.
If your filter looks very brown and dirty due to poor maintenance; then you might consider replacing it with a new filter


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How to clean Your spa filter

How to clean Your spa filter