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How to maintain a spa / hottub

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How to maintain a Spa , Hottub, Jacuzzi

Maintaing a spa or a jacuzzi is not that difficult. the following steps will help to prolong the durability of  your spa and  show you how to do it:

For the new spa owner, or for a person who is new to spa maintenance, I have some tips to maintain water chemistry and spa equipment, along with some regular maintenance and cleaning duties to keep your spa water clean and ready to use!

1-Testing and Applying Chemicals to Your Spa

 You should be checking and adjusting the chemical levels in your spa 1-2 times a week. For this, you need to use test-strips in order to measure alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, pH, and total hardness. Put one of these strips in your spa for as little as 15 seconds and then view the results. You can also use a tester-reader to check the quality of your spa water.

Adding products

After testing the spa water, use the right amount of products. If you are using chlorine , make sure you add the recommended amount.
If you are using chlorine free  products  or products that entail using less amount of chlorine tablets, make sure you putting the right amount that fit the water size of your spa.

If the water of your spa is not clean, you can also use spa clarifier.

Regulate your spa pH level.

Once you test your spa using test strips or any water tester and you find out that the pH level is either high or low, make sure you add a pH increaser ( called ph plus) in case if it is low or you add pH decreaser ( ( called ph minus).

Make you sure you put the recommended amount in order to increase of decrease the pH level in you spa water.

Check for calcium hardness.

 The best way to keep the calcium hardness in your spa in check is to use soft water in your spa. If your spa has too much calcium hardness, it will cause scales to form in your spa. You can use a spa defender product to protect against these scales.

Make sure you regularly clean you spa filter from once a week to 1 every two weeks depending how often you are using the jacuzzi. This might help you prolong the durabilty of the filter and you might need to chance only once a year.
Cleaning the filter is very easy. It can be done either manuelly or using an automatic filter cleaner. Manuelly, take out the filter and use a hose to wash it. You can always use the filter washer which pretty easy to use and cheap to buy.

Change your filter at least once a year in case if you are maintaining it properly. However, if you aren't, and your filter starts to look filthy  due to poor maintenance , you might need to change it often.

Changing spa water

You need to change your spa water at least every 3 months. You can also use a special cleaning  product that you might only request from a spa maintainer. The product is added to the spa water before you change water and it will help cleaning all the tubes of the spa from any residues.
If you have any sands or tree leaves in your spa water, you can use spa vacummer. It is very easy to use

Cleaning the spa

Once you empty your spa, make sure you clean it . You have to bear in mind that you cannot use any household chemical products to clean your spa as those products might damage the surface of your jacuzzi.

Cleaning the cover of the spa

Clean your spa cover once a month during the summer and 3-4 times through the year.  After cleaning it from dirt or dust, use spa cover cleaner  which  will prolong ithe cover's life and  protect it against UV rays that break the chemical bonds and cause the cover to harden and crack. Additionally, it will protect it  against mildew, which can grow on damp vinyl and damage the cover.
Only use this product on the outside, and not the inside, of your hot tub cover.

Make sure your vinyl cover is clean and dry before you apply the  product.

In short, just remember these five easy tips:
Test and adjust your spa 2-4 times per week.
Clean the spa filter every 1-2 weeks and replace every year in case if you keep it well maintained.
Keep the spa clean; drain and refill every 3 months.

Add water as needed to keep it full.


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How to maintain a spa / hottub

How to maintain a spa / hottub